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Samuel G. Davey



Wilfrid (2022) - Short Film Trailer
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Long Synopsis

The creation of my directorial debut, Wilfrid, was an intimate one. It was brought to fruition by my friends, family, and the community of my home town, Stratford. Some of whom I’ve been making films with since I was 10 years old. To name a few, my younger brother, Owen Davey, took on the roles of composer and sound designer and my best-friend Sean Patrick Dolan was the Executive Producer. Sharing this experience with everyone taught me that directing and leadership is about self-growth. Learning to collaborate and challenge myself, my actors and my team members around a topic as serious as dementia lead to some life-changing conversations that I'll never forget.


I hope the love, hard-work and dedication that everyone brought to this project can shine through this story that explores memory loss and the relationship between children and the elderly.

Samuel G. Davey


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