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a film by

Samuel G. Davey


When a 4 year old boy discovers that his 85 year old friend has memory loss,

he learns what a memory is and how he can return them to her.

Wilfrid (2022) - Short Film Trailer
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Our film will be screening at The Little Prince Micro Cinema in Stratford, Ontario. Check out the screenings page for more information.

10 minutes



This film is based on the best-selling children's book Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge written by Mem Fox and illustrated by Julie Vivas. A story that explores themes of dementia and the relationship between children and the elderly.

Short Synopsis

Ashton Cressman

Marion Adler


Seana McKenna





Director Statement

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When a 4-year-old boy named Wilfrid discovers that his friend, Mrs. Nancy, has memory loss, he explores a retirement home asking each of the residents the same question: “What is a memory?”. Each elderly friend in turn contributes something special as Wilfrid sets out to help his friend remember.

Wilfrid's curiosity and genuine interest in each resident as they reflect on the purest moments of their lives leads to a discovery of their values and passions in life. Above all, the bond he has created with Mrs. Nancy flourishes, untouched by her illness. This young boy sees no barriers or labels, he sees a friend in need of his help. On the other hand, this story highlights the ease in which adults can turn their back on the elderly, despite there being so much more to give. Wilfrid's parents both pity Nancy, with an outlook that there is nothing more to uncover. Through the innocence of a young boy who puts his love above all else, we come across an intimate moment that everyone can learn from. 

The generational divide this film explores shows how heartfelt the changing of hands can be as we pass down our most valued memories and stories. 

Samuel G. Davey




600 Fleet Street Toronto, Canada M5V 1B7  |  Tel: 437-248-9181

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